The Pacific Northwest

Adventures on the Yellow Aster Butte Trail

- September 2022

More views from Yellow Aster Butte Trail

Mt. Baker from the Yellow Aster Butte Trail - September 2022

Moody skies from the Yellow Aster Butte Trail

Fairy Falls

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon


Point Robinson Lighthouse

Maury Island, WA 2022

Rolling Waves and Mist

Oregon Coast

Early 2022

The Texture of Water

Elliot Bay, Seattle, WA

Early 2022

Snowy Ascent

Colchuck Lake, Washington

Winter 2021

Turning Larches

Lake Ingalls 2021

Crashing Water

Pacific City, Oregon


Sunset Waves

Pacific City, Oregon

Early 2022

Sun Ridge

Discovery Park, Seattle, Washington


West Point Lighthouse

Discovery Park

May 2021

Snow over Colchuck

Colchuck Lake, Washington


Sunset on the Bay

Elliot Bay, Seattle, Washington



Sunrise over Rainier at Elliot Bay

December 2021

Passing Clouds at Crystal Mountain Summit

March 2022

Morning Glow

Elliot Bay 2021

Coastal Spray

Oregon Coast - 2022

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